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This is the archive for March 2007

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Satyanarayana Pooja held at the renovated residence building at the SRIM Center on Saturday, March 10th,2oo7, was a lovely and hopefully smashing success.

I had the good fortune of being involved both behind the scenes and as part of  the scene.  It was my first time for being directly involved in the pooja with the Brahmin or the Priest.  I felt the love and tenderness, beauty and abundance thoroughly from my crown chakra and spirit bodies to the bottoms of my feet which daily, and over the period of many years, have tread on the dust, clay, stone, and grass of our physical planet - Gaia herself.

A core group of Amma's devotees had been planning this pooja and doing seva in preparation and support of it for many weeks.  I had the deeply satisfying experience of being at least a small part of that group.  Images from photos taken during some of the seva will be posted soon on this website - you can see first hand the before and after.

The transformation was magical or miraculous depending on your preferred point of view.  The building went from trash, dust, dirt, construction debris and chaos to an airey place of brightness, peace, order, flowers, fruit, the altar and the pooja table.  Nature herself offered many gifts of spring bloom which we took full advantage of in creating beautiful flower arrangements for the praise and honor of Ganesha, the Divine Creator - God and Goddess, the eight directions and the nine heavenly bodies.

The celebration started out slowly.  Outdoors, leaden skies dripped rain.  There was not even a glimmer of sun or hint of warmth.  Inside the Residence, it was only a small group - the "usual suspects" which had come together.  Despite the slow start I could feel the undercurrents of "beginning" and excitement - absolute infinite possibility for the future of SRIM Center and Amma's Grace in this World. 

We began the pooja.  Our very honorable guest Brahmin who performs pooja only on special occasions, blessed us with doing this ceremony for Amma's devotees.  He did a brilliant job.  Before he began, he described what was going to take place and why it was going to take place.  He was very articulate and I could tell his heart was pure- the cosmic energies were flowing through him.  The devotees provided so many beautiful flowers and fruits for this ceremony - their love and appreciation for Ganesha and his fellow gods and goddesses were evident in the richness of the provisions.

I was subsumed into the ceremony, not aware of much outside of the Brahmin and Buvaneswar, at the pooja table.  When the ceremony was complete and I had grounded myself I looked around and saw that, now, the room was full to bursting, hardly even standing room left.  Everyone seemed happy.  It felt like we were celebrating an important holiday!!! 

The grand finale of the celebration was, of course, food related.  A vast array of fragrant, delicious and perfectly prepared dishes of prasadam was overwhelming.  My eyes are always bigger than my stomach and everything looked and tasted so mouthwatering I heaped my plate such that it took 2 ½ "sittings" over the course of about 6 hours to finish.  Once again, the generosity and graciousness of Amma's devotees - in this case of prasadam, our beautiful and gifted women devotees - are obvious manifestation of their love for Amma and for this project.

After eating all the wonderful food and socializing, everyone was even happier than before but a little tired and ready to call it a day.   

I guess you could say that with this Satyanarayana Pooja we were celebrating the birthday of the SRIM Center.  That will be formalized with Amma's visit in May.  When She is here we will have the formal inauguration of the Ashram.

This is such a ground breaking happening here in the United States - think about it and really feel it - this is Amma's very first - Her absolute first -  Ashram outside of India.  Please come and be part of this earthshaking building project.  You will get more out of it by one hundred fold than you put into it.


It is just like Amma says to her children, " If you come one foot towards me . . . . I will come a thousand feet towards you."

Continue to watch this website for progress on the construction and development of the grounds, buildings, gardens and art of SRIM Center; experiences of and with Amma; meaningful and brilliant quotes from Amma; and information on how you can give to and receive from this marvelous place.  Just to be on the site of the Ashram - even now before the place takes shape; even now when it is an old farm with beautiful landscape and not much else - fills one with peace and ease and causes all one's chakras and spirit bodies to breathe deeply in love.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Well -the story is now legend.  

I wasn't there - but I know a lot of devotees who were. 

And I've seen the pictures -   Sri Karunamayi and the butterfly, or maybe - butterflies.

In the photographs, Amma looks as fresh and as light as a butterfly - as THE butterfly.

I've often heard the adage that "like attracts like".   Everyone these days is talking about "The Power of Attraction".  Amma proves that - Cosmic Mother, so sweet, and pure, and peaceful, and natural, and airy magnetized to her the perfect expression of the same. . . a butterfly.

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In Atlanta and Macon the celebrations centered around Amma were exuberant and joyous.  As part of one of the celebrations, a cloud of monarch butterflies was released into the sunny blue sky.  Some of the butterflies hadn't fully warmed out of their state of suspended animation - they were stock still in their box, not a wing was seen fluttering.  Of course an effort was made to get these little babies up and into the air. 

The remaining butterflies finally warmed to the point where they were again energized and joyfully freed themselves from stillness to dance in the warm air. One of those tiny dancers was magnetized directly onto Amma. . . .

who of you reading this wouldn't do the same if you were a butterfly??? . . .

go directly to Amma and fasten your infinitesimally small butterfly feet onto her sweet love filled being.

The magnetism of her love and peace and non-judgement is stronger than any that can be created by science or any magnetic forces that occur in nature. 

That butterfly was determined to go everywhere with Amma.  When she went back to her room the butterfly went with her and witnessed everything that goes on with her.  It stayed with her for the entire time she was here.

Now it was time for Sri Karunamayi to leave Georgia and go on to her next stop.  As she left the house and went to her car her loving devotees noticed that the butterfly was no longer with her. "The butterfly is still in the room"  - so the devotees scrambled up to Amma's room after her car disappeared down the drive on her way to Hartsfield Airport.  The women looked everywhere but the butterfly had disappeared just like the car had.

Not much time had passed when our dearest Vijaye, Vidya and the others got a call from Dr. Kalli on his way to the airport.  The butterfly appeared on Amma's forhead again!!!!  Yes - really!!!  It was absolutely nowhere around when Amma was tucked into her vehicle and now it was absolutely present and again fully attached to her.

All the way from the car, throughout the long long trek through the airport to Amma's departure gate, the butterfly clung tenderly to Dearest Mother. 

What an exceptionally beautiful "miracle". 

But it doesn't end here in Georgia.  Swamiji sent us photographs from Amma's tour in Washington D.C.  and guess what graced her countenance . . . .

You are correct - THE butterfly or perhaps one of it's siblings.

Please let us know your experience with this happening and what you saw and felt happening through your heart and your eyes.

Jai Karunamayi!!!