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This is the archive for August 2007

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One of the brilliant artists who offered their gifts and talents to honor Sri Karunamayi during the Srim Center Inaugeration is a poet who has the gift of creating worlds and sentiments with words.  We always knew him to be gifted in many ways but most of us didn't know that he had this in him too.  When he spoke his lovingly crafted wordsmithing to Amma the audience was spellbound.

Here is a piece that Vijay Patel graciously sent us to post for visitors to the SRIM Center Website.  Also included is his graceful prelude or introduction to the work. 

"To touch one another and somehow head Godwards is what life seems to be about. Meandering as our pathways are, still eventually, for some of us, very eventually, we find home."

I want to find peace
With the whirlwind world
I do

So I who thought
I had learnt
A thing or two
Am surprised
At how difficult
making peace is

Mountains of wisdom
Oceans of knowledge
Rivers of guidance
And yet
Making peace
Is difficult

So I retreat
Into quiet surrender
In all humility
I say
More to learn
So much more to learn

I look up
Look at You
And say
Pour your love
Into me

For once again
I have learnt my lesson
To continually
Learn my lessons
And in that
Find peace

(Age does that to us !!!!)