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This is the archive for December 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

Due to the brilliance of our own Dr. Rajaram Pagadala, we have a wonderful new tradition for and at the SRIM Center.

At our monthly Satsang we will perform the Pada Puja with flower petals to Amma's Lotus Feet. The puja will be celebrated as we chant Amma's Ashtotram.

Now, every month, devotees celebrating important family dates - i.e. birthdays of family members, wedding anniversary, transitions, etc. - during each particular months will have this glorious opportunity.  Amma's special birthday, anniversary, transition blessings will be showered on the participants.

In addition, if the devotee wants to contribute to the cost of the land acquisiton for Amma's SRIM Center, they will have opportunity to donate along with doing the Pada Puja. A suggested contribution is $21.00 for each devotee and of course any amount will be accepted in deepest loving gratitude.

Many of you who have missed Satsang these past couple of months may want to give important celebration dates to Dr. Rajaram Pagadala ( for the record.  This information will not be shared with any other entity or group. 

Jai Karunamayi from the Board and members of the SRIM Center