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Amma Sri Karunamayi - SRIM Meditation Center - Forsyth, Georgia.

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Come and participate in the daily pujas and homas during this most auspicious time of the year for worshipping Divine Mother.
You will have an opportunity to perform powerful homas including Chandi Homa with your own hands.

11 days of Navaratri Festival


Morning program starts at 8 am : First day, Wed Sept 20 & Durgashtami day, Thurs Sept 28
Morning program starts at 9 am : Remaining Days
Evening program starts at 4 pm
Update: Please note that on Friday, Sep 22, evening program will begin at 6 pm.

Special Pujas and Homas:

Daily morning program will include Sri Lalita homa and Sri Rudra Homa
Evening program will include Sri Lalita Sahasranama Kumkum Archana, Sri Lakshmi Narayana Hrudaya Homa

On Sep 28, Chandi Homa will be performed instead of Sri Lalita and Rudra Homas


Standard Daily Sponsorship: $54 (Covers all pujas and homas for the day)

10 day standard daily sponsorship: $501 (Sep 20 to 27, 29 to 30)

Thursday, Sep 28 Chandi Homa sponsorship: $251 (Covers all pujas and Chandi Homa)

11 day complete Navaratri sponsorship: $701

Sri Durga Devi Sari Sponsorship: $51 per day



Thursday, April 20, 2017

Her Holiness Amma Sri Karunamayi will be holding events at the SRIM Center in late April and the first two weeks of May. We respectfully invite you to participate in 3 events being held at the SRIM Center in Forsyth, GA, the future location of the Hanuman Mandir. This is a rare opportunity to personally experience Amma’s Motherly Affection and Love for all beings in the world.

INDIVIDUAL BLESSINGS on Saturday, April 29
This is a very rare opportunity to spend a private moment with Amma Sri Karunamayi, the Divine Mother. We can present 3 questions / topics to Amma and receive her direct guidance for our lives. On the Individual Blessing day, Amma offers Saraswati Diksha for students up to the age of 24. She writes Saraswati mantras which are infused with Her divine state on the child's tongue with a basil stick and honey. Amma guides the selection process for this Diksha.
Individual Blessings
Register here for Individual Blessings

Come and experience divine vibrations by meditating in Amma’s presence. The retreat is sequenced to provide silence for meditation, opportunity to hear Amma’s divine discourses and breaks for snacks and lunch. $120 for full-day and $62 for half-day. Please kindly register with this link:
Meditation Retreat
Register here for Meditation Retreat

Amma will be conducting the Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Maha Maha Yagna. This year, Amma will be featuring the “Homa of the Century” which is a yagna that combines worship of both Shiva and Shakti. You can witness or participate / sponsor, if you like. The SRIM Center looks forward to your visit and participation. Please go the links for information, registration and sponsorship opportunities.
Register here for Sri Lalita Devi Maha Maha Yagna

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Jai Karunamayi!
Jai Sairam,

Despite the cold weather, we had an energetic and uplifting Satsang in SRIM Center on Saturday Dec 10. As a group, we chanted Sri Rudram, Hanuman Chalisa (11 times), Sri Samputita Sri Suktam, Sri Devi Khadgamala, Sri Lalita Sahasranama, and Amma's Ashtotram. The Satsang concluded with Haarati for Amma (while Mahishasura Mardini Stotram was being sung), and Haarati for Shirdi Saibaba.

Kudos to the SRIM team which has created a very cozy and auspicious place to conduct the Satsang!

In addition to this ONCE A MONTH Satsang, we will increasingly have other events (with more publicity to increase the attendance), particularly the Rudra Abhishekam and Sri Chakra Puja that is being organized every Amavasya and Pournami (the next one is coming up this Tuesday Dec 13 at 4:30 PM) based on the directions have received from Amma's Ashram to increase the Mantra Shakti in SRIM Center.

Enjoy the pictures and videos on flickr by clicking
Dec 10 Satsang pictures and video

Jai Karunamayi!
Jai Sairam!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Dear Amma's children,
Jai Karunamayi!
Jai Sairam!

Following the success of their first cooking class as a vehicle for fund raising for SRIM Center, Prayma and Leigh are offering the next cooking class on:

Please click here for a flyer and share it with your friends.

Also, if you have trinkets that you would like to donate for display and sale at the fund raiser cooking class please get in touch with Leigh at:
Leigh Moore (

Jai Karunamayi!
Jai Sairam!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Jai Karunamayi!
Jai Sairam!

Please click on this
to contribute to help support the Shirdi Saibaba temple. Our monthly expenses for the upkeep of SRIM Center is roughly $3000, and we need at least 100 members to make sure we can meet these expenses. Currently, we have less than 30 devotees contributing to dollar-a-day.

Shirdi Saibaba and Amma will shower their blessings on you and your family for your support of the temple.

Jai Karunamayi!
Jai Sairam!


Saturday, September 03, 2016

Jai Karunamayi. Please click on
September 2016 Special Events .

Jai Karunamayi!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jai Karunamayi!
On Saturday August 6, we had a beautiful Satsang in SRIM Center to welcome Amma's Sri Padukas (that Amma wore and sanctified at the recent Guru Purnima).

Enjoy the pictures and video by going to:
Amma's facebook page

Jai Karunamayi!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jai Karunamayi. Please click on
August 2016 Special Events .

Jai Karunamayi!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dear Amma's children,
Jai Karunamayi!

Despite earlier predictions, it turned out to be a sunny and pleasant Saturday in SRIM center and what a turnout of volunteers to help prepare for the Lalita Maha Maha Yagna. To meet the county requirements to get SRIM ready for the yagna, there is quite a bit of heavy lifting to be done and the volunteers rose up to the call. There are some key areas where work needs to be done to make SRIM center prepared for the maha yagna: (1) reinforcing the yagnasala structure internally and externally for the fire ceremony; (2) grading and seeding the land, and laying submerged water drainage piping for diverting rain water away from the structure, (3) laying more underground sewer lines for the restrooms, (4) erecting siding for the dining tent to fend off from rain inside the dining area, (6) cleaning the inside and outside of the meditation hall, (7) pressure washing and touch-up painting of the outside of all the metal structures, (8) preparing the parking areas for the event, (9) enhancing the kitchen facilities for massive cooking of maha prasadam during the maha yagna, and (10) landscaping for the beautification of the yagasala frontage with flowers and bushes.

Of course, some of these have to be done with professional help (new rafters for structural reinforcement of the inside of the yagasala and laying new underground sewer lines for the restrooms) but several others are doable with volunteers and the expert guidance of Dass and John. Just as Bharata got Ayodhya ready for Ramarajyam without any aspirations for name or fame, several "Bharatas" were at work on Saturday (and they will be in the many coming Saturdays) to get SRIM ready for the Maha Maha yagnam.

"Bharatas" and "Hanumans" who assembled on Saturday for the seva: Panditji, Taraji, Devyaniben, Dayabhai, Sekharbhai (from NJ), Rajesh, Palani, Dass, Sundray, John, Vinodaji, Vidyaji, Radhai, Rakhi, Siddharth, Janardana, Vasanthi, and yours truly; plus an army of young talent: Raj, Anup, Jonathan, Hemant, Harish, Maharaj, and Chandani!

It was a fun day...awesome food, enjoyable company, great seva!

Join us this coming Saturday (March 26) to continue the seva...we still have a lot to get done...

Enjoy the pictures by clicking HERE and SCROLLING DOWN TO SEE THEM.

Jai Karunamayi

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


1-day silent meditation retreat registration:

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