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Amma Sri Karunamayi - SRIM Meditation Center - Forsyth, Georgia.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dear Amma's children,
Jai Karunamayi!

Despite earlier predictions, it turned out to be a sunny and pleasant Saturday in SRIM center and what a turnout of volunteers to help prepare for the Lalita Maha Maha Yagna. To meet the county requirements to get SRIM ready for the yagna, there is quite a bit of heavy lifting to be done and the volunteers rose up to the call. There are some key areas where work needs to be done to make SRIM center prepared for the maha yagna: (1) reinforcing the yagnasala structure internally and externally for the fire ceremony; (2) grading and seeding the land, and laying submerged water drainage piping for diverting rain water away from the structure, (3) laying more underground sewer lines for the restrooms, (4) erecting siding for the dining tent to fend off from rain inside the dining area, (6) cleaning the inside and outside of the meditation hall, (7) pressure washing and touch-up painting of the outside of all the metal structures, (8) preparing the parking areas for the event, (9) enhancing the kitchen facilities for massive cooking of maha prasadam during the maha yagna, and (10) landscaping for the beautification of the yagasala frontage with flowers and bushes.

Of course, some of these have to be done with professional help (new rafters for structural reinforcement of the inside of the yagasala and laying new underground sewer lines for the restrooms) but several others are doable with volunteers and the expert guidance of Dass and John. Just as Bharata got Ayodhya ready for Ramarajyam without any aspirations for name or fame, several "Bharatas" were at work on Saturday (and they will be in the many coming Saturdays) to get SRIM ready for the Maha Maha yagnam.

"Bharatas" and "Hanumans" who assembled on Saturday for the seva: Panditji, Taraji, Devyaniben, Dayabhai, Sekharbhai (from NJ), Rajesh, Palani, Dass, Sundray, John, Vinodaji, Vidyaji, Radhai, Rakhi, Siddharth, Janardana, Vasanthi, and yours truly; plus an army of young talent: Raj, Anup, Jonathan, Hemant, Harish, Maharaj, and Chandani!

It was a fun day...awesome food, enjoyable company, great seva!

Join us this coming Saturday (March 26) to continue the seva...we still have a lot to get done...

Enjoy the pictures by clicking HERE and SCROLLING DOWN TO SEE THEM.

Jai Karunamayi


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