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This is the archive for August 2014

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dear Amma's children,
Jai Karunamayi!
Welcome to All!

Event: Celebration for Shravan Maas last Somwar (Monday)
Date: Monday, August 25th
Time: 4.30pm onwards
(This program is FREE and open to the public)

August 25th is the last monday of the Holy and Auspicious Shravan Maas. We will have Siva Lingam Abhishekam and Puja to the chanting of Vedic Rudri by our own Pandit Hariji (from 4:30 PM onwards), followed by Haarati for Shirdi Baba at 7 PM.

The event is being organized by the Shirdi Sai Bhajan Mandal. Following, the festivities, we will have a Maha Prasadam - a delicious satvic dinner for all to enjoy.

Performing Abhishekam to Lord Siva on Shravan Somwar is very beneficial for the health and prosperity of everyone in your family. Please plan to attend.

Jai Karunamayi!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jai Karunamayi!

Event: Krishna Janmashtami Celebration
Date: Sunday August 17, 2014
Time: 4 PM to 7 PM

Organized by the Shirdi Saibaba bhajan mandal, we will celebrate Krishna Janmashtami today including a Palkin procession of Balakrishna around the Yagasala in SRIM Center. Pandit Hariji will also be doing Mangala Haarati to Shirdi Saibaba at 7 PM, and abhishekam to Salagramas placed in the Mandir per instructions of our beloved Amma. There will be prasadam dinner following the celerbration.

Everyone is welcome! Please spread the word.

Jai Karunamayi!